Developer documentation for CultBooking URL, website integration

31 Jul 2019

Hotel owners have been asking several times if there is a developer documentation or guide to help their webmaster integrate the booking engine into their website. Given these reuqests and demand, this post has been created as know-how with live examples of integrations.

Among various Web Content Management Systems (CMS), wordpress has gained the position as market leader with ca. 18 million websites. Followed by Adobe Dreamweaver with ca. 2.7 and Joomla! with ca. 2.5 million websites.

To see complete statistics and CMS comparison, click on this link:

CultBooking compatible with all CMS

So now questions arises, if I use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Wix or any other Content Management system, will I be able to integrate the CultBooking link/URL? The answer is YES! CultBooking is compatible with all CMS solutions existing on the market.

There are 2 integration posibilities:

External link

This is the option we recommend, as is perfectly optimized and we are making ongoing testings to ensure it works perfectly.

Here are some examples of how to integrate this, using the Book Now button:




Also here are examples of the code implemented:

Example 1


Example 2


iFrame / Pop-up / On-site

Some hotels prefer that the booking engine is smoothly integrated into their website as an iFrame, also called pop-up or On-site integration. Is not the option we strongly recommend as developer needs to add padding, boarders and make some adjustments to make sure the link is working as good as external integration, more efforts needs to be put on side of the developer.

See this article regarding padding and adjustments:

Website integration, new additional service by CultBooking

That is why we offer development services as well, to make sure that if hotel client chooses this option of iFrame/pop-up, the booking engine technology is perfectly integrated into their hotel website.

Example of hotels using iFrame:

Below are nice examples of dedicated page for online bookings:

Art Hotel

Mezcalero Hotel

URL link CultBooking

CultBooking team will provide URL link to hotel owner or developer and he may integrate it as he wants, based on the 2 options available.

Support & Help

For questions and help, you can reach us via the contact form or directly by email: info@cultbooking.com