How to activate / enable new language for CultBooking

You must have heard the news that new languages have been released: portuguese and french. Maybe you are asking yourself, how do I activate french for my hotel? Does it happen automatically? Well, some clicks are needed 🙂 Please follow this steps:

1. Open the Central Dashboard

Click on Color Customization icon


2. Click on ‘Language’ menu


The ‘Default language’ on the left side has to be the same one that is in ‘Master data’. If is German, then needs to be German, if is English, then select English.


On the right side you choose which languages to have active and which ones you want to disable. This is done based on hotel id. So is fully customizable (nice feature:)) thank you development for this enhancement.

3. Click ‘Save’

Do not forget to click the ‘Save’ button.

‘Voila, the new language will be active in the booking engine and ready to use.

Support & Help

For questions and help, you can reach us via the contact form or directly by email: info@cultbooking.com