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  • A new tab opens with CultBooking link(when clicking on Book Now)
  • Fully responsive and mobile optimized
  • 100% recommended and supported integration
  • Easy and fast to install
Java Script
  • User remains on the hotel’s URL address (no redirection)
  • Fully responsive and mobile optimized
  • 100% recommended and supported integration
  • Medium level development expertise needed

CultBooking WordPress Plugin Documentation

Why use WordPress Marketplace and plugins?

As mentioned previously, the huge range of plugins available for you to download and use on your site is huge. Often you will have the option to choose from different plugins that aim to complete the same function but with minor differences and abilities which suit many different types and styles of websites.

Because plugins are such a beneficial addition to almost every website and they take relatively little time to find and set up, it really is worth checking out the range of plugins available. Using the plugin directory on WordPress is so simple that it only takes a moment to find great plugins for your site that instantly improve your website’s appearance, ease of use for visitors and it’s overall professionalism.

Again the ease of use for browsing Plugins for WordPress makes it really attractive to both new and experienced users. When you find a plugin that you like the look of, one can click on it to open up a section containing a page containing a more detailed description; allowing you to read more about it and get to know how it works, a small tutorial on how to install it and who it is intended for.

Hopefully, after reading through it you’ll know if the plugin will likely fit the range of functionality you desire and does what you need it to do.

Next, there’s a panel for reviews; here you can check the feedback from other users and see what they liked or disliked about it and the overall consensus on the plugin, this should be a big help in making up your mind if you’re undecided on which plugin to get.

Adding Plugins to your site not only increases its functionality but also importantly makes it more attractive and powerful for those who visit your website. Making it an easy and efficient way to give your website a fresh boost to new heights.

How to find CultBooking on WordPress?

The CultBooking hotel booking engine plugin is a high quality and top-performing booking engine and channel manager including a booking button and the ability for direct bookings on your website for all types of accommodations from hotels to B&Bs etc.

The CultBooking  WordPress plugin is very easy to find on the marketplace and you can have it up and running in no time.

One way is from your WordPress website as the admin. In the toolbar on the left side there is a title for ‘plugins’, just click on this and a search bar will appear. Next, type in ‘CultBooking’ here and the plugin will appear:

Another way is from the WordPress website one can search for plugins by looking along the header at the top of the site and then clicking on the word ‘Plugins’. After clicking on this a new page will appear below including a search bar and also a small number of featured plugins that may be new or popular at the moment and a few other categories may be found.

The easiest way is to just click on this plugin search bar, that allows you to type in keywords or titles to search through the wide range of available plugins, and type in ‘CultBooking’. Also, you can search by following keywords: ‘hotel booking engine’ or ‘booking engine’.

Now the CultBooking plugin should appear in the results. Just click on it and you can hit the install now and then activate.

From here you can also read through the details and features of this plugin from CultBooking, check reviews and also browse support features and installation steps.

How to install CultBooking?

Installing CultBooking to your WordPress website is simple and easy!

Installing CultBooking to your WordPress website is simple and easy!


After successfully being downloaded, you should be logged in as the admin for your WordPress site and then go to the Plugins menu in WordPress.

From this Plugins menu page you can find the CultBooking plugin downloaded and from here click on ‘Activate’.

Next, you should open the Booking Engine plugin from CultBooking which will appear in the left bar, possibly towards the bottom.


Click on it and open its options page, and now you can enter your Hotel ID, and then just copy the shortcode (found next to the heading called ‘Booking Engine’) and paste this code wherever you like in the content of a page in your website, and the engine will appear on your WordPress website!

Here are again the steps for CultBooking wordpress plugin and how to obtain a hotel ID:

Get Hotel ID            account_circle Need help? Don’t have a Hotel Id? Register here

Booking Engine      content_copy Copy this shortcode ”CultBooking” and paste it anywhere in the page content, the booking engine will show up.

Manage Bookings   calendar_today To manage all the bookings received, please visit CultBooking Reservations Dashboard →

Manage Price           calendar_view_day To manage room price and calendar availability, please visit CultBooking Calendar→

Extranet                    settings_system_daydream To manage users, promotions, etc., please visit CultBooking Extranet→

For More Information     web    Visit CultBooking Official Website

How can developers integrate a booking engine into the website of a hotelier?

1. Copy and paste bellow iframe code below any place on the hotelier’s website that you are going to use.

<iframe id=”searchIframe” style=”z-index: 88999999; position: absolute; background: transparent; display: flex; justify-content: center” src=”” height=”600px” width=”100%” frameBorder=”0″ title=”Iframe Example” ></iframe>

2. For each specific hotel, we should change the hotel code (example 60114), to get the hotel calendar.

3. In the same way, we can get a translated calendar by changing the parameter lang.


Some little changes required in the Iframe style depend on the hotelier’s website design and placement like where they want to put the Cultbooking Iframe calendar.

How to use the plugin in a WordPress website?


If you are installing from WP Admin page.

    • Navigate to plugins menu
    • Search “CultBooking Hotel Booking Engine & Channel Manager” from WordPress plugin directory
    • Install and activate the plugin
    • Navigate to the Booking Engine menu in WP Admin
    • Add your Hotel ID obtained from CultBooking Integration


After installing and activating the plugin we can integrate the plugin using WordPress Shortcodes.

The basic WordPress short-code to use is [CultBooking]

Inserting the [CultBooking] short-code anywhere in posts or pages will embed the CultBooking calendar.

There are some parameters to customize the appearance of the calendar.

1. Calendar Type

  • basic  – the basic calendar appearance, suitable to use in landing pages

            Usage:- [CultBooking calendar=basic]

  • small  – a minified version of the calendar, suitable to embed in rooms or apartment pages

             Usage: [CultBooking calendar=small]

2. View Type

  • page – embed the whole scroll-able CultBooking calendar page

            Usage: [CultBooking view=page]

  • calendar – embed the calendar only as an iframe.

         Usage: [CultBooking calendar=calendar]

3. Top Margin(spacing) – space in pixels to the upper element. Integer values are accepted

     Usage: [CultBooking top=100]

4. Height – height of the iframe in pixels. Integer values are accepted

     Usage: [CultBooking height=600]