Direct Booking News

And ongoing improvements

Pictures correct size for CultBooking: 900 pixels
If images are too big 3000 or 4000 pixels, then the pictures inside the booking engine are loading slower than normal. Therefore there is a certain measurement of images needed...
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Website integration, new additional service by CultBooking
Our distribution managers, have discovered that sometimes hotels do not have a system administrator, webmaster or developer to help them integrate the booking button, also called booking engine into their...
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New meal type options released for CultBooking (HalfBoard and more…)
15 Jul 2019 Hotels and Distribution Managers from CultSwitch have actively requested new meal type options for CultBooking, as was only possible to have: 'breakfast included' and 'breakfast excluded'. Even...
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How to activate / enable new language for CultBooking
You must have heard the news that new languages have been released: portuguese and french. Maybe you are asking yourself, how do I activate french for my hotel? Does it...
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French language released – CultBooking
15 Jul 2019 Various hotels have requested french language for their booking engine from CultBooking. Therefore, the whole team worked hard to make this possible. WHAT HAS BEEN DONE Freelancer...
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