Direct Booking News

And ongoing improvements

Internet Explorer security problems, compatibility issues
10 Sep 2019 Previous article: 'Internet Explorer browser tips for CultBooking' already mentioned why CultBooking is not supporting and optimizing the booking engine technology for Internet Explorer. If those arguments...
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New design improvement for Booking Form
09 Sep 2019 Latest design upgrade on CultBooking was done on December 2018 with a very professional designer specialized on interfaces. This months, July-September 2019, there has been a design...
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CultBooking video channels: YouTube, Vimeo
26 Aug 2019 CultBooking  starts with strong social media presence by opening video channels to distribute content for hotel owners and guests. First channels opened are on YouTube and Vimeo,...
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New smart calendar – CultBooking
15 Aug 2019 Since begining of times, CultBooking has been using what I call, the blind calendar. Guest can not see what is the lowest price and most annoying, can...
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Booking multiple room categories on CultBooking
08 Aug 2019 Today will be released a great enhancement for CultBooking Engine: booking multiple rooms at one time. This functionality is a huge improvement as guest may want to...
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