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  • Fully responsive and mobile optimized
  • 100% recommended and supported integration
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Payment options for CultBooking Booking Engine: 1)Pay at Property 2) Credit Card 3) Payment Gateway

Payment options for CultBooking Booking Engine:

CultBooking Booking Engine offers 3 payment options:

  1. Pay at Property / Hotel:

Booking is made via the Booking Engine URL link:

The guest receives a confirmation email with the reservation that serves as a contract between the hotel and the guest. Also the property owner or the hotel, received a confirmation email with the booking that guest will arrive and the availability of the calendar is being decreased automatically from the website and if channel manager is connected on all the booking websites as for example:, Expedia or Airbnb.

The Booking process is always the same:

a) Guest is checking availability and selects one or more rooms to book:

b) Guest is introducing his personal details to make the booking and receive the cofirmation email with the reservations details and address of the hotel or property.

pay at hotel - cultbooking

After ‘Special requests’ there is no option to introduce credit card or any payment details, as payment is done at the hotel after the guest arrived. Hotel can choose how he wants to charge the guest, for example cash, or online payment via his own POS system.

This option ‘Pay at hotel’ ensures the highest amount of reservations as is fast and easy for any quest to make a reservation and does not need to provide a lot of data, specially sensitive information as credit card or payment details. But also has the highest amount of cancelations as travellers have no penalty for cancelling.

Both Started and Pro Packages include this option free of charge.


2. Secure credit card details (charge manually)

CultBooking is working with a 3rd party provider specialised in credit cards, called PCIBooking. With this option, the credit card details are securely saved via PCIBooking and delivered to the property or hotel owner inside the CultBooking extranet admin. Therefore the hotel owner can charge the card manually after the reservation is made or in case of no-show.

pcibooking - credit card - cult booking

Here after ‘Special requests’ section, there is a block that requests a valid credit card from the guest and this can be accessed later and charged by the property owner.

This is the most used option for around 80% of the properties in our portfolio and is included in the Started and Pro Packages free of charge as well.


3. Automatic payment via Payment Gateway Provider

More and more properties want to fully automate the payment process and ask the guest to pay in advance for the reservation. Therefore, here is needed a Payment Gateway Provider specialised in these kind of operations. The whole amount is being charged directly on the moment of the booking and reservation is only valid if payment has been processed and taken out from the account of the guest. The Payment Provider then transferes the money into the account of the hotelier automatically within few days, minus the Payment Gateway fees.

mollie - cultbooking - stripe - payment gateway

This service is an extra service that has to be paid extra and costs 99eur set-up fee and has a commission starting with 0.25 EUR + 1.8%, here is the complete pricing list:

CultBooking is working with Mollie. To open an account please use this special link:

Also there is option to a very well know provider called Stripe, still CultBooking has decided to use Mollie, as Mollie has PayPal also included inside the payment option.

Video about payment options

Here is a video that explains all the 3 payment options available:

Support & Help

For support please contact us via email:

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