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Airbtics review: How to leverage short-term rental data to operate hotels better

Airbtics review: How to leverage short-term rental data to operate hotels better

What is Airbtics?

Airbtics is an innovative short-term rental market data research company. It is used by Airbnb hosts and investors, market analysts, and hotel operators for data-driven insights into the exciting world of short-term rentals. 

Airbtics began in 2019. An Airbnb Superhost, Jae Seok An, started having doubts about the Airbnb analytics tools available then. He then began to embark on a journey to found this company, harnessing his background in computer and data science.In 2019, this Airbnb analyzer formally began, bearing the name that combines “Airbnb” and “statistics.” So, it’s pronounced /air-b-tics/.

Its very own Airbnb Calculator has helped thousands of investors, either first-time or veteran, find only the most profitable vacation rental properties in their chosen location. Because of the platform’s intuitive design and comprehensive data, Airbtics has been steadily gaining popularity in the competitive arena of Airbnb analytics. 

How Can Airbnb Statistics Help Hotel Operators?

Short-term rentals are the staunchest competition of the multi-billion Euro hotel industry. No matter the efforts of local governments to regulate Airbnb, this growing industry will remain popular. In short, you’re not just competing with other hotel operators for guests. It’s the short-term rentals which thousands of tourists in your area choose to stay. 

With an Airbnb analyzer, hotel operators can closely monitor the development of short-term rentals in their location by looking at the following:

Market Competition – Understanding Airbnb statistics helps hotel operators gauge the competition level from alternative accommodations in their market. It allows them to assess the Airbnb occupancy rates, pricing trends, and guest satisfaction.

Demand Forecasting – An Airbnb analyzer can provide information on the seasonal demand for accommodation. This helps hotel operator adjust their room rates and implement promotional campaigns to optimize their bookings.

Guest Preference – Learn more about the preferences and behaviors of modern travelers. These are all vital information for hotels to enhance their offerings. These are the amenities and services to better align with what guests expect from alternative accommodations.

Hotel operators can also check guest reviews and ratings. What do guests value the most? Be also proactive in addressing the common shortcomings identified in Airbnb accommodations. Use this information to improve their own guest experiences. 

How is Airbtics Different from AirDNA?

Airbtics vs AirDNA is like a tale of David and Goliath in the arena of Airbnb analyzer. While the other platform is still useful and undeniably more popular, Airbtics boasts the following features that set it apart from AirDNA:

Dynamic Data Updates

We’ve mentioned before that the intuitive navigation of the Airbtics platform makes it increasingly popular. But more than just that, users can experience dynamic data updates. 

This simply means that as you drag around your mouse and zoom in and zoom out of their map, the data is updated in real-time.

This allows hotel operators to make a quick and comprehensive assessment of the Airbnb development in their city.

Revenue Heatmap

Wondering about which part of the city where guests flock most? Then Airbtics Revenue Heatmap will answer that. Simply look at the map on the Airbtics App, and you will instantly see where the money is. 

Airbtics provides a simple indication: the redder the dots, the more profits lie. This way, hotel operators can gain insights into the guest demographics of that location. With this data, you can now strategize to lure them into your hotel with a more targeted marketing effort.

Custom Market

Accessing data on the city level only meets the expectations. However, being able to closely monitor the specific area of your choice exceeds them. This very useful feature allows you to create your own territory, submarket, or simply a neighborhood in your city. Whether you choose to follow the boundaries on the map is completely up to you. Airbtics does not call it a Custom Market feature for nothing.

This acts as a bookmark of your own turf, allowing you to follow how your direct competitors from alternative accommodations are doing.

Monthly Payment Plan

Airbtics has a monthly plan that allows users to test the waters first. With reasonable entry-level pricing, you can see the Airbnb data in your own market. If you think the monthly plan is just a small advantage, look further because not all Airbnb analyzers can offer this. 

In fact, AirDNA has a bit complicated pricing structure. On their pricing page, you will see the price of their services per month. However, it is “Billed Annually“ written in a smaller and inconspicuous font. We just wish that AirDNA had a more transparent pricing structure. This only allows users to be informed beforehand of the one-year commitment that they’re getting themselves into.

Adapt into the Changing Times with Airbtics

Short-term rentals are not our direct competitors, but they’re still a competition, nevertheless. They have established themselves as a cheaper alternative to traditional accommodation. 

There’s still a strong demand for hotels, but we cannot deny that short-term rentals have revolutionized the hospitality industry. It is now up to us to adapt to the changing times, making ourselves informed with the power of Airbnb analyzer. And we have seen how Airbtics can aid the hotel sector as we go along.

Empowered by its distinctive features and budget-friendly pricing, Airbtics stands poised to equip this industry with invaluable data-driven insights. Surrendering the battle is not an option 

Airbnb investors have successfully utilized Airbnb Calculator to find profit. Let’s now use the whole platform to our advantage. With Airbtics at our disposal, we have the means to meticulously analyze the nuances of the short-term rental sector, discern its success factors, and strategically apply them to elevate our own business.