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Best PMS(Property Management System) Hotel Software: Top 15 list of 2021

Feb 2021 (BA)

2021 is here. Are you all set for the year? Does your business already boast of a nicely designed webpage that is both responsive and modern? 

Or is it your ‘new years’ resolution to get one? Have you checked out where to start? Wix or WordPress? If you are wondering how to improve the first impression a potential guest, these are some of the first steps you should be taking.

Next, you have to think about what else your on-line presence requires.   No matter how nice your webpage looks you have to make sure it’s not an empty facade of some kind of ‘internet cardboard’. No, it needs to be built on a solid foundation that offers your guests to quickly and reliably book on your webpage. That concrete foundation you need is a professional booking engine, which is just as crucial as the design of your webpage. 

A booking engine is not a stand-alone application. It is a hub that speaks with other crucial systems, for instance like the Property management system(PMS) For veterans of the hotel industry, a PMS is the system version of your front desk. A virtual employee that works 24/7 making sure that every bit of data is in sync and that systems are speaking together.

 The reason why a potential guest leaves your website is not that he has decided to visit his aunt in the suburbs and given up on travelling. No, he has left because your webpage did not fulfill the expectations a modern user expects. Now, he is on another platform booking his reservation, same dates and unintentionally books your hotel, but now you have to pay an OTA a commission, something you could have avoided. 

What went wrong? With a PMS system, your virtual front desk would have avoided losing that booking. How you might ask? 

The PMS software makes sure that if room 101 is available tonight, it is also available on your webpage and every OTA channel your rooms are connected with. The PMS facilitates your hotel reservation management by helping you out with administrative tasks, like the aforementioned virtual front desk employee. PMS makes certain that your channel management is in sync, you can even let it help you with housekeeping and of course occupancy management and pricing so the rooms display the correct rates online as it processes your guest’s payment. 

The above points are just a few many reasons why a versatile Booking Engine like CultBooking is essential for any serious property hotel.

  1. What is a PMS (Property Management System )? 

Traditionally, a Property management system is in its simplest form a software specifically designed to enable a hotel, or a group of hotels to manage front-office capabilities. Basically a virtual version of your front desk. PMS helps hoteliers with booking reservations, check-ins, check-outs, room inventory, managing room rates and processing payments. A PMS system does not only do front desk it also helps out in the back, or the back-end as it is called in software for example by simplifying paperwork, taking care of invoices and creating reports.

We can tell you quite confidently that a PMS is a today instrumental to any hotel’s success by helping you deliver amazing service experience to your guests.

  1. How does it work 

Many of our users have in some cases developed a relationship with a specific PMS service for a long time. At CultBooking we connect with over 40 PMS, that way we make sure that our users can always integrate their PMS of choice into our Booking Engine. 

To connect the two together is very easy. (a picture)

For those that find this process a bit daunting please feel free to contact our customer service. 

  1. Why you need a PMS?

A PMS system is your 24/7 virtual employee that is always on top of things by helping you plan ahead and have full awareness of how busy your hotel is, or help you find out why it isn’t busy enough. 

  1. The best PMS for your hotel business



Apaleo: the freedom to create.

The cloud platform
to build agile accommodation businesses.

apaleo cult booking

  • Pricing: From 6 € Per room, per month

    The best pack! For hotels with less than 50 rooms, there is a flat rate of 300€ / month.

  • Headquarters: München, Germany 
  • Referrals:

Place to sleep:

Haus im Tal:


Protel: POWERFUL  

protel and cultbooking

  • Pricing: On request
  • Headquarters: Dortmund, Germany 
  • Referrals: Boka-Hotel






Lodgit and CultBooking

  • Pricing: On request

PMS costs are depending on the number of rentable units (rooms, apartments, guest houses), but they are in general very affordable even for small accommodations. A 1-year-license starts from 210 EUR for 10 rentable units and goes up to 820 EUR per year for a flat rate with no restriction of the number of units; the interface to Cultswitch is an additional module which costs 1,00 € per unit/month, more details  see

  • Headquarters: Leipzig, Germany
  • Referrals: 

Wohnen auf Zeit in Osnabrück




Ibelsa: hotel software of the future

Ibelsa and CultBooking

  • Pricing: From 4.5 Per room, per month
  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
  • Referrals


HS3 and CultBooking

  • Pricing: On request
  • Headquarters: Detmold, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 
  • Referrals