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Booking multiple room categories on CultBooking

08 Aug 2019

Today will be released a great enhancement for CultBooking Engine: booking multiple rooms at one time. This functionality is a huge improvement as guest may want to book multiple room categories, room types or even different rate plans, at once when making a reservation for him or his friends. Like in the below example:

Before enhancement


User wants to book Single bedroom Non refundable and Single bedroom with breakfast, two room rates for same room category or type. When clicking on Book Now, the Booking summary page only shows one room rate:


Same result would appear in Booking summary when trying to book two different room types:


To perform above reservation, he needed to book first Single Room, then load the booking engine one more time, search dates again and book Double Room. More time, more clicks and even more efforts were needed.

After the enhancement

a) Book now button

First change that is clearly seen is that the ‘Book now’ button does not appear on the right side next to selected rooms:


Now the book now button gets activated automatically when selecting at least one room:


Down below, on the inferior part of the CultBooking langing page, appears the pop-up bar that includes a brief summary: how many rooms have been booked, at which total price, option to clear selection and the ‘Book Now’ button.

Here is how it looks like when electing 3 room rates or types:


a) Booking summary

Now booking summary shows all the rooms available and has added functionality that allows to delete rooms, like in an online shop, ecommerce.


This new features and enhancement has also been an active request of hotels from our portfolio and we are happy to announce it LIVE. It will speed up the booking process and help guests to have an easier navigation and better options for booking room types and room rates. Enjoy it!

You can try this new release on the CultBooking DEMO hotel(click here)

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