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CultBooking AWARD: THEGOODESTATE Top-Blog 2020

23 Mar 2020

Was nice to receive an email on 16 March 2020 from THEGOODESTATE with title: ‘[AWARD] – THEGOODESTATE Top-Blog 2020′. 

This title and award made me curious and I investigated more about the company and what their specialization. Here is what they do, as mentioned on their website: ‘ is a polythematic site where the most demanding readers can find high-quality information in our articles about a variety of different products. Our aim is to thoroughly investigate the various aspects of a certain product and to present this content in a clear way for consumers.

Through our thorough shopping guides and reviews, we aim to promote a more rational consumer culture. The aim is for users to be truly oriented towards any product they wish to purchase online.


The email says that CultBooking blog accumulated 37/40 points in their field research and thus qualify (min. 30 / 40 points necessary) for their Top-Blog 2020 award! Here is the badge CultBooking has received:

top blog thegoodestate cultbooking

Research results

Points: 37/40
The number of points is composed of subjective and objective evaluation criteria, which can be divided into 4 categories:
  • UX / Usability
  • Trust & Security
  • Content & Research
  • Services & Communication
The exact criteria on their homepage:


The advantages of using a badge are obvious:
  • Building trust with new & existing readers
  • Differentiation from  competitors
  • Universally applicable in CultBooking marketing material


CultBooking team is happy to receive this email and award, proving that ongoing marketing efforts pay off both from our users perspective meaning regular quality content and both from external agencies looking at our content as a reference in the online market for hotel direct bookings. We strive to mantain leader position in a high competitive market, where content and users are our king. 


If you have any questions and need support, please contact us via telephone or email: