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CultBooking reviews

In modern times, when you are interested in buying a product or service, what do you do? Your search on Google for the name of the company plus the keyword: ‘reviews’ or ‘feedback’. In this case we are talking about a cloud booking button or engine and search on Google would be: ‘cultbooking reviews’. Here are the results:

cultbooking reviews google feedback

With this search you will see the online reputation of the seller, that is very helpful when comes to making an informed decision. So is very beneficial to know how other people evaluate the services and what is the user experience. So let dig deeper and start with the first and main platform for reviews:

Google reviews

The biggest player in the market when comes to feedback and reviews is Google. CultBooking has opened and account with Google My Business. Clients and users of the booking engine technology are able to easily leave a review, either directly on Google or via Google Maps. Here is the link if you want to help CultBooking with an honest review. 

As of May 2020, there are 11 reviews of 5 stars:

cultbooking google reviews _ feedback google business

Please see this nice review:

The Booking Engine is dynamic, user friendly and has a beautiful design. The integration process on the website and modification of reservations went smooth and fast. Plus a very efficient and helpful support. Great support service.

Mali Ou


Trustpilot is a specialised platform for review and feedback for business. CultBooking has an account and is open to receive even more reviews from end users, guests that book a hotel room, or from B2B partners, hotel owners that have installed the booking engine technology on their website for direct bookings.

trustpilot cultbooking reviews

Here are two highlighted reviews:


This was so fast that I actually feel like I did something wrong. I literally found my hotel, selected a Double Bed room at a hotel with breakfast included, clicked “book now”, entered my name, address and phone number and hit “submit” and I had a confirmation within a fraction of a second. I’m super impressed!


Clear and easy direct bookings with Cultbooking!

As part of the Cultbooking team, it’s very satisfying to see how day by day are more the customers who achieve high increase in their room revenue. This has not only provided a growth in direct bookings but also gives the guests a clear and easy navigation experience. Useful Share

Lida Prada


Capterra platform is a mix between Trustpilot and Google Adwords, as it allows to have a profile and make a bid to be listen on top of a certain category, like for example inside ‘reservations software’ for hotels and booking engine. Also here the reputation and reviews play a big part, because they help to boost the profile.

capterra cultbooking reviews feedback

So this blog posts was about the top 3 platforms for reviews and how CultBooking makes the most out of online reputation and feedback. Would be a pleasure to obtain more reviews on any of the mentioned platforms, as this will help CultBooking get better and improve even more the technology, based on user experience. 

Please click on this article to help CultBooking with a review: 


If you have any questions and need support, please contact us via phone or email: