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Hotel Industry Post COVID-19: 6 Strategies to Recover from the Pandemic

The hotel industry took quite a bit of a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. With increased cancellations and some hotels even shutting down, it may take a while for the industry to recover. But, there is no reason why hoteliers cannot come up with a recovery plan and strategies to get revenue.

Here are 6 such strategies that can help you get back on your feet. 

  • Increase Safety for Guests and Staff 

Your property must adhere to social distancing and increased hygiene requirements. You need to have all the measures to protect the guests as well as your staff. 

Keep an inventory of masks, sanitizers, gloves, and cleaning equipment. It would be great if you can arrange for frequent air-conditioning and maintenance services. 

Inform the guests at the time of check-in about all the safety measures you are following in the property. This will reduce their anxiety and calm their nerves when it comes to the safety aspect. 

  • Identify Which Segments to Target 

Be smart about how you are going to target the customers. Since international travel will go down, it would be wise to target domestic travelers. Even the frequency of business traveling will go down due to everyone working from home. 

Travelers will make more domestic trips and look for hotels that assure them a safe stay. Identify target segments you want to focus on and adopt strategies to cater to them based on your location, amenities, property type, etc.

  • Automate Processes

Technology will be your friend in post-COVID times. Invest in a revenue management system to make the customer journey processes more efficient. 

For example, you can ditch the old check-in method and automate it by offering digital check-ins to your guests.

  • Review OTA listings

Review your OTA profile. Maximize your distribution channels and keep a full inventory without restrictions on all your OTA channels. Ensure that your OTA maintains parity with what your official website says. 

However, don’t rely on OTA too much. Approach your target segment directly and offer them good deals. Give them a compelling reason to book directly on your website. 

  • Revise Marketing Strategies

Be responsive to the situation through your marketing. Social media is the best way to go in this aspect. 

Create engaging posts and put them up on your social media and digital platforms. Convey which safety measures you are taking and provide valuable content to your audience. 

You can even create video campaigns that can attract a lot of eyeballs. 

  • Attract Regular Customers 

Take a look at your existing hotel data and identify regular guests. You need to proactively engage and build a rapport with them. 

Offer them deals and discounts, and communicate your safety practices to encourage them to book with you. 

In Conclusion

It will take some time for things to get back to normal and maybe a bit longer to see your hotel run like it used to. You may have to change a lot of things and start from the ground up again. But, with smart planning, you will get there. Right now, you need to stay calm and focused.