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Java Script
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  • Fully responsive and mobile optimized
  • 100% recommended and supported integration
  • Medium level development expertise needed
Logo CultBooking, various pixel sizes

Our technical team, interface team, has been doing optimizations for a hotel booking engine link of CultBooking and asked which is the best size for the logo. Property logo is uploaded on the server, picture administration and allocated to each booking button. Our team is looking for a universal size that would look good and serve the majority of hotels. It is so nice to see such questions and proactivity from part of the team. This shows that they have the best interest of the hotelier in mind and are thinking out of the box, wanting to give their best.

Therefore, I checked with designer. Universal size in pixels is hard to say or indicate, as the logos are different per each hotel. They come in different shapes as well, some are rounded, others square and much more.

300 pixels

After making several tests, a recommended size would be 300 pixels on horizontal(mantaining the vertical aspect ratio).

300pixels-size of cultbooking logo

Real hotel example

Here is how logo with 300 pixels on horizontal look on a real hotel using CultBooking:


Also here is the link to the hotel, so that you can see it by yourself:

We have tried with smaller sizes as 150 pixels and 200 pixels(like in the below example), but is too small:



As a conclusion, size may vary a bit and needs to be adapted to each individual hotel. If you see and consider that the recommended 300 pixels are too big or even small for a certain hotel, feel free to adjust it. Would be great to hear your experiences regarding this optimization and adjustment.

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