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New meal type options released for CultBooking (HalfBoard and more…)

15 Jul 2019

Hotels and Distribution Managers from CultSwitch have actively requested new meal type options for CultBooking, as was only possible to have: ‘breakfast included’ and ‘breakfast excluded’. Even tough the back end had many variations of meal type. What has been requested in special was Half Board.

Starting from today, you may elect the meal type you want from the back end:


You can elect from the following meal types:

$noMealIncluded = “No meal included”;
$mcAllInclusive = ‘All inclusive’;
$mcAmerican = ‘American’;
$mcBedAndBreakfast = ‘Bed and breakfast’;
$mcBuffetBreakfast = ‘Buffet breakfast’;
$mcCaribbeanBreakfast = ‘Caribbean breakfast’;
$mcContinental = ‘Continental plan’;
$mcEnglishBreakfast = ‘English breakfast’;
$mcEuropeanPlan = ‘European plan’;
$mcFamilyPlan = ‘Family plan’;
$mcFullBoard = ‘Full Board’;
$mcFullBreakfast = ‘Full breakfast’;
$mcHalfBoard = ‘Half Board’;
$mcAsBrochured = ‘As brochured’;
$mcRoomOnly = ‘Room only’;
$mcSelfCatering = ‘Self catering’;
$mcBermuda = ‘Bermuda’;
$mcDinnerBedAndBreakfast = ‘Dinner bed and breakfast plan’;
$mcFamilyAmerican = ‘Family American’;
$mcNoFoodArrangements = ‘No Food Arrangements’;
$mcRollService = ‘Roll service’;

What is the end result?

Here is how it looks like on the front end

Here is a second example where more meal types have been inserted. Front_End_meal_type_cultbooking

Before we only had the cup of coffe for breakfast, we keep same concept, for all breakfast types available, the cup is representative and is being mantained. When comes to other meal types, there has been elected the fork and knife icon, that symbolize a more consistent meal.

Moreover, we used the material icons as a source and made sure we are consistent when the icons are being used.

Support & Help

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