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New service: custom design for hotel website

Apr 2020

CultBooking has launched a new service: custom design for hotel websites and also for business providers. First client to use CultBooking design services is MappingMaster channel manager for hotels, apartments, holiday homes. The channel manager provider had an outdates website with design made in 2014. It needed a fresh new update as soon as possible. Following article will be a journey through the creative process and show before and after results. Join us in this beautiful adventure.

MappingMaster already had: Home & Prices pages being updated in 2019. The challange was to keep beautiful design of first page and prices and be consistent with the rest of pages being designed new.  Here is design of


New design


MapingMaster offers two products: Channel Manager and Booking Engine. Here is design of:

Channel Manager:

Old design

It can be clearly seen there was too much of not needed text on this page, making it too heavy to ready and too charged with information to even look at. 

channel manager mappingmaster

New design

New design of channel manager page is more visual and each part is better organized and distributed. Text information has been reduced and made via icons or symbols. 

channel-manager-page-new design

Booking engine:

Old design

booking engine mappingmaster

New design

booking engine mappingmaster new design

Connections part referrs to connected business partners. There are two categories: Hotel software (PMS) and Online distribution channels (OTA)

Hotel software (PMS)

Old design

hotel software pms mappingmaster

New design

page-management-systems PMS new design

Distribution chanels OTA are very similar pages in design both for old and new design. Therefore they are not shown here. You will be able to check this page directly on the live website:

Prices page has already been updated in 2019. 


Old design

contact mappingmaster

New design

contact mappingmaster new designNews

Old design

news mappingmaster old design

New design

news mappingmaster new design blog

Here are all the updated pages also available on the website. I hope you enjoyed this comparison and to see how design of 2014 has been updated to 2020. It was a nice artistic and creative work being done by our creative department where art director worked very close with designer to obtain the best result possible for MappingMaster as a brand. 

Website design department

CultBooking works very close with design agency and we will be happy to provide you with best in class design services for your online business. Do you need logo design, baners, update of the existing design? Our team is here to help you.

We will provide you with a project manager, art director and dedicated designer so that you make the most out of your design project. For details and informations, feel free to contact us and we are happy to discuss the details: