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  • A new tab opens with CultBooking link(when clicking on Book Now)
  • Fully responsive and mobile optimized
  • 100% recommended and supported integration
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Java Script
  • User remains on the hotel’s URL address (no redirection)
  • Fully responsive and mobile optimized
  • 100% recommended and supported integration
  • Medium level development expertise needed
Pictures correct size for CultBooking: 900 pixels

If images are too big 3000 or 4000 pixels, then the pictures inside the booking engine are loading slower than normal. Therefore there is a certain measurement of images needed to make help the technology load faster. When you upload the pictures in the back-end, on the server, please use at least 900 pixels, as a standard measure.

How I realized which size is needed?

As a user, when I search for rooms, I see a small picture representing the room. Then I click on the image or on the 5 pictures box from the left inferior corner.


Zoomed in pictures

Zoomed in pictures opened. This way, user has a gallery with pictures and better vizibility of what this room contains. Our team realized that the zoomed in image is a bit blurry. Therefore, higher resolution was needed.


900 pixels

By right clicking on the image and then on picture information.


The size of the zoom in picture is displayed. In this case the image was scaled from 600 pixels to 858 pixels. As a standard, I indicate to use 900 pixels as is easier to remember and use.


Tip & trick

When using resizing tool, remember to have the box: ‘mantain aspect ratio’. If this box is unticked, then the proportions are not kept and the image is distorted. The Vertical variable will change accordingly, it will not always be 600 pixels, but this does not have much influence. Just make sure that the Horizontal variable has 900 pixels and it will be perfect.


Also avoid using vertical pictures as this make the gallery not visible.

Now you have learned the right size for CultBooking picture, when comes to 900pixels and also keeping the proportions. Enjoy the optimizations.

Support & Help

For questions and help, you can reach us via the contact form or directly by email: