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What does a hotel search engine actually do?

Of all the industries that have been turned upside down by the invention of the Internet, there are probably few that have been hit as hard as the travel business. While 10 years ago it was still common to visit a travel agency for booking a flight or looking for a suitable hotel, most holidaymakers now do this digitally. Of course, the travel business has not simply disappeared, but has shifted online – offers and discounts are now more likely to be found digitally.

Without question, it is not always easy to keep the overview in the sea of providers. Between serious companies and great hotels there are unfortunately also rip-offs lurking again and again, and by the time you find the difference it is often too late. While some of them shine with super rooms at bargain prices, other providers are known for squeezing the most money out of the least performance. As one does not want to take any risks, specially during the well-deserved holiday, it is worthwhile to make use of the technology and the possibilities of the internet. Through

CultBooking is a search engine designed to help you find the right hotel room. Especially for people who have already booked a flight and are now looking for accommodation, it is important that they can narrow down their search in terms of place and room, and this is exactly what CultBooking does. Using a typical search mask, interested holidaymakers and travellers enter their desired dates on the CultBooking homepage, and thus obtain an overview of available hotel rooms for the period. CultBooking automatically organises the results of a search in descending order of price, which automatically places the cheapest hotel room at the top of the search results. Every room that has been found by CultBooking is described in a short paragraph, in which details of the equipment in the room are given. In addition to several photos of the rooms, there is information about the TV, the mattress, the bathroom and the orientation of the room. CultBooking shows directly below the short description whether the booked room rent is coupled with breakfast or other meals, or whether guests have to pay for their meals separately. If you scroll further down, you will find more expensive offers, but which
Naturally, we offer more amenities typical for the industry.

What are the advantages of a hotel search engine?

There is no question that the majority of travel providers are now on the Internet, but is it even worth using a hotel search engine like CultBooking? A clear advantage offered by providers like CultBooking is the speed with which holidaymakers can find an overview of rooms. If you had to check the availability of all the hotels and guesthouses individually, it would probably take whole days. Vice versa, as a user of a hotel search engine, one is of course also dependent on the fact that the offered hotel rooms correspond to the actual offer on the spot.

So is it really an advantage to use a search engine? If it is reputable, definitely.


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