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Where’s the booking button? CultBooking

Where’s the booking button?

If you want to make it in the booking industry, you need good page design.

People who work in the guest industry already know it: without an effective system for bookings, unfortunately little happens. From kayak rentals to luxury hotels, as a hospitality industry nothing is as important as the bookings of the guests. Even if many hotels, for example, live from the restaurant and the extras of the guests – without guests there is no additional income.
Unfortunately, there are still many companies and businesses that make an easily correctable mistake in their online presence, which costs many thousands of Euros annually. This is not about expensive software, or even about the photos or the external presentation, but about a small, simple button; namely the button for booking.

Many companies spend not inconsiderable budgets for the right advertising and are trying to have a contemporary presence on the Internet in our digital age. Anyone who has been through all this before will know how many costs can come together – from the expenses for photos or video material to the editing and distribution of the advertisement, a lot of money has been spent without the thing even being seen on the net or television. If you want to have a good website that really works in e-commerce, you will definitely pay for server space and a good website design. In short, a robust online presence that really pays dividends for the hospitality industry is not for free. But how often do guests visit the homepage of a company and can’t find the button that leads to the booking? The whole expenditure for external presence and e-commerce is unfortunately of little use if the decisive transaction point is not clearly visible to your potential guests. The difference between a nice website that shows the advantages of a house and a homepage that really leads to contracts and is worth the investment it costs can often be reduced to that one little button: the ‘Book now’ button:

Too few bookings – what to do?
If you are confronted with the problem that your own website leads to too few transactions and is not worth your money, perhaps you should first of all subject yourself to a thorough examination from the perspective of a potential guest. You might ask an employee or people from your circle of friends to try to make a booking on your own site. Especially people who have never interacted with the site before will often have a natural reaction to the booking system, and are, so to speak, blameless. Through the experience of these first-time users, important conclusions can often be drawn. A second way to ensure that information about rooms and offers is linked to the booking system is also very simple: simply place a large, visible booking button directly under each room description. By this systematization there is no confusion for potential guests and you can be sure that you have done everything for the booking to be confirmed and closed. You ensured the booking button is visible and easy to access.

Here are some good examples of hotel, that have implemented in a vey good way the ‘Book now’ button. They are good references also in terms of conversions and numbers of bookings received each day:

Schloss Pierlau - cultbooking - booking button - direct bookings - book now

The book now button is placed on the left side and is clearly visible. Moreover, when scrolling down, it follows the user so that the book now function is always availabel and easy to access.

pierlau - book now - cultbooking

In addition to the left button, there is a center button called ‘Check availability’. This action button is visible when clicking on hotel menu.

Wohnen auf Zeit in Osnabrück

 Bergmann Boarding house - cultbooking - book now

Bergmann - cultbooking - book now - booking engine- booking button

Book now button is in the center of the main image and on the main menu on top, nearby contact button. Therefore, user can always click the book now button and be redirected to the CultBooking direct bookings technology.

Bergmann - cultbooking - book now - button - best hotel booking engine

Again, we see in the subpages of Bergmann Boarding House, that the booking engine is integrated well, by allowing direct booking link and button that is situated in two places.

CultBooking is integrated as external link and when somebody clicks on book now, the booking engine gets activated, so that user can search for the travel days and book the needed room.


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