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Conversion rate: Top performing clients

25 May 2020

CultBooking has been created with the objective to be market leader when comes to conversion rates. To achieve this goal of becoming best performing booking engine,  optimisations, improvements and enhancements are being made on weekly basis. Of course, not every website visitor will become a guest, every technology provider is fighting to convert and convince as many users possible to make a booking. 

The CEO of CultBooking is numbers driven, he is checking regularly the conversion rate, on a weekly and even daily basis. Google analytics was a good start to get first insights into the performance of our booking button. To be 100% accurate and make sure there is no margin for error, recently a new tracking tool has been built that is taking numbers directly from our database. Therefore, we customised and programmed our technology to count: number of availability searches, unique visitors during the last 15 minutes and bookings. Conversion rate is calculated by dividing confirmed bookings by unique visitors. 

One day, CutlBooking CEO asks, how is possible that Bookassist advertises a conversion of 14.8% when the market average for conversion rate is between 2% – 3%?


When reading this marketing information, special attention to details needs to be paid. For example, there is the keyword: ‘top performing clients’. CultBooking top performing clients also enjoy a high conversion rate. This leads us to the second point: top performing clients of the booking engine, for which period of time? Let us take top 10 clients of CultBooking, for last 30 days period and show results from our internal analytics tool:

cultbooking _ conversion rate _ high optimization _ booking button _ engine

So we are seeing conversion rates from 50% to 11.9% for top 10 clients using CultBooking. With an average of …

Another detail to mention is that Bookassist, made their analysis before the crisis period and CultBooking is checking during corona crisis, covid19 and conversion rate is lower than during stability periods.