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CultBooking awarded as Best-in-Class Hotel Booking engine by Lux Magazine

CultBooking has been awarded the Best-in-Class Hotel Booking engine by the 2020 Resorts & Retreats Awards hosted by Lux Magazine.

Published: 12 Oct 2020

LUX magazine is an internationally acclaimed magazine that delves into the finer elements of life, with a focus on substance and responsible luxury. With a team made up of experienced individuals with roots in journalism and cultural genres, one can find discussion and revelation from the worlds of art, travel, philanthropy and fashion, the list goes on.

Published in London, and found on shelves throughout the world’s most attractive cities such as Milan, Hong Kong and New York.

 LUX serves to satisfy the artistic and cultural interests of high flying individuals with a taste for new emerging facets alongside familiar themes from around the world. 

Contributors often share a similar background with the readership; offering a relatable experience and point of view to those of its readers. Treating those who pick up the magazine to new and refreshing pieces whilst maintaining a balance of familiar elements.

Travel is a way to experience new and familiar parts of the world. Not only seeing a breathtaking landmark, but tasting its cuisine, smelling its aromas and experiencing the vibe or thrill of a city’s pulse or the profound feelings found in the most beautiful isolated sites is truly a delight to experience first hand.

It’s clear that travel is a key part of the lifestyle that LUX magazine delves into. 

Readers can enjoy an exposure to the top recommended locations and sites to visit, and the magazine goes further than just this by paying heed to the logistical side of travel also.

We should remember to recognise travelling the right way is an as important component as the actual destination itself.

Firstly of course it’s not always easy to find where you even want to go. When you find yourself having the time to go somewhere no matter how long, we all want to make the most of it. What a shame to follow a passing remark of an unfamiliar stranger and suffer disappointment. LUX offers suggestions and explores destinations to visit that can be trusted by its readership, who have a rapport with the source and can be sure they will not be left in the lurch.

Aside from where to go, how to go is just as important. An issue with getting to or staying in your dream destination can sour the entire experience no matter how great the location.

LUX again offers reliable advice that suits its readership’s tastes and preferences. Recommending not only exciting and interesting places to visit but also the best ways to get there and the best sources to find accommodation including online travel and the booking software itself, to ensure the trip is successful.

It is with great pleasure that CultBooking can announce being awarded the best in-Class Hotel Booking engine by the 2020 Resorts & Retreats Awards hosted by Lux Magazine.

As stated above LUX magazine is a high quality publication and thus it is an honour for us here at CultBooking to achieve this recognition from such a well regarded ensemble.

CultBooking has been working to constantly improve and optimise our booking system software and hotel reservation system to offer the best experience for our clients in the field of online-booking. 

A lot of effort has gone into maintaining our reputation and ensuring our reservation system and products are up to date and pushing the boundaries for developing new technologies in our field of accommodation software and specifically our central reservation system. We aim to not only make our engine the best it can be, but also that it translates to our users achieving great results from using our engine and channel manager.

Our Booking Engine is well regarded with hoteliers and accommodation owners for its functionality, reliability and customizability. 

The Online booking system is intuitive to use and can be seamlessly integrated into their own website. It also benefits from additional advantages such as being cloud based, having a reliable payment gateway and a central reservation mode to automate and simplify processes such as payments, occupancy and cancellations.

Thanks to these factors above; our property management system ensures that most importantly the users of our Booking Engine are enabled to see a rise in their rates of bookings through global distribution channels for their online hotel or other property types.

Additionally aside from an increase in rates for the owners of the accommodation and an overall easier experience on their part, their clients also gain from our online booking engine software and channel manager being employed by accomodation owners. 

Those actually using the booking button to book accommodation are offered a clear and concise way to book exactly what they want. The accommodation owner can take advantage of the intuitive and customizable booking button if they wish to and even integrate it into their own website, creating the easiest and best booking experience for their clientele.

We pride ourselves on the success and satisfaction of the accommodation owners who use our booking engine and management software. 

We also take great pleasure in knowing that their clients are happy with the experience through the use of our engine.

Having achieved this award is another way for us to know that our efforts are being felt in the industry and are having a positive impact. 

This is a great achievement that all of us here at CultBooking are very thankful and overjoyed for. We thank LUX magazine and all those who are a part of the 2020 Resorts & Retreats Awards. 

Being recognised for the hard work and dedication put into our services ensures us that we are moving in the right direction and gives us a taste for more success in the future.


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