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How Hotels Can Use Video Marketing to Increase Sales

How Hotels Can Use Video Marketing to Increase Sales

As people embrace technology, the hospitality industry must also adapt to meet the needs and expectations of its customers. Nowadays, individuals spend more time online, utilizing their phones, computers, or smart TVs.

Now, more than ever, hotels must harness video marketing to captivate their audience and significantly boost sales. Video content, with its versatile and compelling nature, allows hotels to showcase their unique offerings, ambiance, and overall guest experience in the best possible way.

Consumers are increasingly turning to videos for travel inspiration and bookings. Video marketing can help hotels engage their target audience, charming them with visuals and narratives.

In the following sections, we will discuss how hotels can utilize video marketing to increase sales.

5 Ways to Elevate Hotel Sales Through Video Marketing

Video marketing provides hotels with numerous opportunities to connect with their target audience. Through videos, hotels can expand their reach, leverage emotions to engage viewers, and deliver a unique experience to foster trust with potential customers.

Achieving these goals will ultimately result in more leads and improved sales. Here are some simple ideas for using videos to enhance sales.

1. Virtual Tours

Earlier, prospective customers had to rely solely on descriptions and a few photos of the hotel before making a decision. This practice allowed hotels with fewer facilities and lower aesthetic appeal than yours to misrepresent and secure a sale.

Virtual tours, 360-degree content, and other immersive experiences will benefit both you and the customer.

Image 1 (

Consider partnering with services like Veedyou Media to create walk-throughs and virtual tour videos of your property. This strategy allows you to highlight features that distinguish you from competitors. For consumers, virtual tours enable them to plan their stay at the hotel more effectively.

You could then send the video to prospective customers via an email or SMS link.

The Marriott Virtual Tour ( )

Check out the breathtaking virtual tour of the Marriott Hotel at County Hall, London. The video offers a glimpse of the facilities and services awaiting its visitors. Remember, virtual tours are not exclusive to luxury hotels; you can create a virtual tour video that suits your property.

2. Explainer Videos

The decision to stay at a particular hotel is not made after reaching the travel destination. More often than not, a deal is negotiated well in advance of the arrival date, with the customer reaching a decision even before stepping foot outside their home.

Image 2 (

Explainer videos, showcasing the hotel’s history, facilities, offerings, and staff, can significantly influence the customer’s choice in your favor.

Creating these videos can be quick and easy with FlexClip, an online video editing platform that empowers hotels to showcase their unique personality and offerings.

flexclip & cultbooking

Travelers seeking a novel and exceptional experience while maintaining the comforts of home are in search of amenities such as internet access, a safe deposit box, a tissue box, 24/7 room service, a coffee kit, as well as toiletries and personal care products.

By offering explainer videos, prospective customers can familiarize themselves with your hotel, its dedicated staff, and the array of amenities it provides. This not only helps establish a connection but also enhances the likelihood of closing a successful sale.

3. Travel Tips and Vacation Videos

Video marketing revolves around winning customers by providing useful content, even if it doesn’t directly relate to your brand (in this case, a hotel).

The majority of holidaymakers decide on their destination before selecting a hotel. Creating local area and travel videos is an excellent way to grab attention and raise awareness about your hotel.

Image 3 (

Transform your video library into the go-to place for consumers to find everything related to their holiday destination. Use email marketing, either with ConvertKit or ConvertKit alternatives, to stay in regular touch with your leads and engage them with travel videos.

Create videos showcasing local hotspots, popular vacation activities, and provide tips on things to do and avoid. Additionally, customers are more likely to choose a hotel that aligns with their values. For instance, demonstrate how your hotel reduces carbon emissions and ensures the area remains pristine and clean.

Hyatt Regency, Hong Kong Sha Tin ( )

Check out Hyatt Regency, Hong Kong Sha Tin. This promotional video speaks volumes without solely focusing on the hotel. By the end of the video, viewers will be eager to make the Hyatt Regency in Hong Kong their base to explore nearby popular landmarks. It illustrates that the hotel is intricately woven into the fabric and soul of the district.

4. Testimonial Videos

In video marketing, social proof can work wonders in generating more leads. Prospective customers are more likely to adopt a behavior if they see others like them making a particular decision. People are more likely to trust your brand and hear you out if they watch videos or read reviews from customers who have already tried and loved it.

Image 4 (

Use testimonial videos to spotlight key amenities and unique attributes of your hotel. For instance, ask visitors to share their experiences regarding the hotel, the quality and friendliness of the staff, and special amenities such as free parking, local guides, etc.

Dreams Dominicus La Romana, Guest Testimonials Video ( )

Testimonials take many forms. You can ask customers to record a video and upload it to your website or share it on social media platforms.

Alternatively, you can follow the approach taken by Dreams Dominicus La Romana and many other luxury hotel brands. The following is a testimonial video created using customer interviews. The content blends professional videography with genuine customer experiences, enhancing the impact of the testimonial.

5. User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) serves as a low-cost marketing tactic. Moreover, it provides hotels with another avenue to showcase positive guest experiences and generate leads for business.

Additionally, hotels can engage followers and influencers associated with the hospitality industry to offer an authentic glimpse of the ambiance and amenities.

While it’s common for management to praise the hotel through videos, user-generated video content enhances authenticity and credibility.

Image 5

Utilize influencer marketing to broaden your reach and increase awareness on social media platforms. After recording the video, edit it to ensure the content aligns with the tone and style outlined in your business proposal.

Motivate your followers and customers to create videos by offering incentives and hosting contests. Show appreciation for users contributing videos about your hotel. Share their videos and engage with their posts, fostering a community around the hotel brand to maintain a consistent flow of unique video content.

The Ritz London: Behind the Scenes Video ( )

Although labeled a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video, it is equally effective as UGC, crafted by the London newspaper Evening Standard. The video showcases the meticulous planning involved in welcoming guests with flowers and food.

Final Thoughts

After a challenging couple of years, the hotel and hospitality industry as a whole is gradually recovering from the pandemic. Hotels are not only striving to survive but also working to compensate for the lost years. The adaptability of video marketing can play a crucial role in thriving in this highly competitive market.

The video marketing ideas mentioned above are both simple and effective. Hotels of all sizes and shapes can significantly benefit from implementing these strategies. These video formats can be seamlessly integrated into sales funnels to generate leads and enhance sales.

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