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  • Fully responsive and mobile optimized
  • 100% recommended and supported integration
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New smart calendar – CultBooking

15 Aug 2019

Since begining of times, CultBooking has been using what I call, the blind calendar. Guest can not see what is the lowest price and most annoying, can not see when rooms are sold out. Therefore the user makes a search request and a failure message is delivered in return, until the client gets frustrated and abandons the search. Below screen shot shows this usability weakness:


Following video shows how guest got tired and left the booking process:

Old calendar

Here is how the ‘blind calendar’ looks like:

There are no prices shown, no availabilites displayed. Moreover, many big players and strong providers are still using this old approach for their technologies and did not improve or made a step ahead. They just need to look at air plane companies how they improve the booking experience. As for example how Skyscanner does it, and learn from it.blind_calendar_cultbooking

New calendar

New smart calendar, has all needed features: lowest price displayed for certain day. Indication when rooms are not available and in the future will also indicate minimum stay.


Design has been improved by our talented and dedicated designer, along with the given features.

Developers have already implemented this on test environment and the enhancemnet will be rolled out this month of Aug 2019. You can test it here, by clicking this link:

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